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Application builder helps you to work smarter and faster. Automate any manual process to digitization by using our Application builder. Application consists of the following: Table designer, Form Builder, Workflow Builder and Reports/Dashboards.  With all entered information stored on this central server, you can customize and access any kind of form, report, table, or workflow visualization.

What sets QMSmart apart is its industry-leading intuitive application builder software.  In fact, it took over two years just years just to write the backing algorithms that power the auto-generating technology, unique to QMSmart.  Easily customizable, QMSmart takes application building a step further by making the process so intuitive that absolutely no coding or computer expertise is required.  That way, every department head and member of management will have the capability to deliver digitized reports.  They won’t have to rely on IT specialists to code their reports and apps.  Management will, with the help of QMSmart’s expert consultants, be able to create the applications that power their business themselves in as little as a half an hour.

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Easy to use

Optimize your business process management using customizable, intuitive Application Builder software

Real Time

Publish Process in Mobile applications, sharing data across networks with our API software Mobility in iOS and Android

Daily Report

Develop various dashboards for each relevant category of your business

Fast Results

Out of the box solutions for Environmental Health & Safety enables to fully comply with industrial standards

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Application Builder

While business management issues exist in every industry, how each company organizes their information may vary slightly. QMSmart offers expertly-coded “ Building blocks’” you get to drag and drop, forming your own application with ease.



QMSmart prides itself on the backing code that took several years to perfect. InWith that time, we brought came up our application software that iswas so intuitive, managers with virtually no computer experience can fully digitize their reports with optimal results. Instead of requesting needing IT specialists to code every form and report you want, an online version of, QMSmart’s cutting-edge technology empowers managers to take their business online with no confusion or frustration.


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