Safety Management System

Implementing an effective ICAO based SMS system is crucial for enhancing aviation safety, reducing accidents and promoting safety culture within your organizations. QMSMART is developed based on ICAO principles and we are committed for providing an effective Aerospace SMS system to our user community

Audit management

Audit Management System

A system that allows creating question banks, choices & choice types with regulations attached. Making it easy to build checklists for audits and also schedule audits seamlessly. You can also get all audit reports and always be on track.

SIMQUBE - ATO Operations Management System

* Manage your interactions with clients
* Schedule simulators and increase efficiency
* Maintenance & QTG management

Other Solutions

Customize our pre-built solutions as per your business requirement

Risk Management System

A system that enables to report of hazards or changes and ensures a systematic risk assessment is being conducted for the same to mitigate any potential accidents or incidents.​

Document Management System

A system that allows the creation, storage, managing, indexing, protection, and retrieval of digital documents.

Task Management System

A system that helps to create and assign projects and tasks. It also makes management and decision-making easy by providing performance analytics.

Business Applications


Expert Industry

1. Business Applications

QMSmart comes loaded with industry-standard business applications “out of the box.” From there, you can create other company-specific applications for optimal workflow performance.

Incident Management

Safety Reports

Operations Report

Case/Occurrence Management

Various Tools for investigations 

Checklist Management

Regulations Management

Audit Management

Finding & CAPA Monitoring

Risk Register

Integrated module with Hazard Management

Risk Assessment

Mitigation Actions

Healthcare is an industry that constantly needs regulatory improvement. All administrative standards must be retained with the utmost precision to ensure patients quality care while avoiding massive lawsuits.

Your quality management system has a key role in everyday processes conducted by the healthcare industry – it assists professionals in achieving their quality targets.  In this case, that means caring for better, and even saving, the lives of their patients.

A Quality Management Software for Healthcare also helps you to identify the sectors your services need significant improvement to optimize the entire hospital’s performance.  Optimizing hospital procedures and protocols?  Sounds like a good idea for the healthcare industry.

This compliance and integration software offers complete flexibility, ease of use, scalability, and risk mitigation. It is basically a closed-loop EQMS system that allows healthcare professionals to extract much-needed reports and analytics while keeping the processes and workflows compliant with internal, as well as external regulations.

Record, track and effortlessly produce OSHA ready reports for your organization’s work-related injuries and illnesses. Complete then print or electronically submit your OSHA 300, 300A and 301 incident reporting forms directly to OSHA, reducing the time required for producing these essential reports.

The Incident Management Module is designed to help your organization gather and document the “who, what, when, where, and why” of any occurred incidents in one place and track the details through completion. Gather all the details needed for where you work, including OSHA, WCB, RIDDOR, and MSHA.

Capture details of any unplanned event that did not result in injury or damage but had the potential to do so. Recognizing and reporting near miss incidents can significantly improve worker safety and enhance an organization’s safety culture.

Easily collect all relevant information related to vehicle incidents, including  people involved, vehicle information, location details, and witness information. Easily snap photos and begin the investigation with a comprehensive account of what happened.

Depending on the number of suppliers you rely on, keeping your affairs in order with these business partners can prove a stressful endeavor.  Sometimes suppliers are late, out of stock, or ship faulty equipment that, especially for industries like auto, can lead to disastrously tragic outcomes.  

Supplier management and supply chain risk management is back in a big way, especially since the business world has suffered the ripple effect of COVID 19.  QMSmart provides all reports and analysis necessary to evaluate your supplier partnerships, shipment by shipment, for quality control – as well as contractual obligations.

Natural disasters, geopolitical tensions, and public health crises can all impact the strength of your supply chain.  QMSmart generates forecasts that help your business predict supplier issues through analyzing every contextually relevant variable: local geopolitics, weather patterns/history, public health needs, seasonal travel patterns, industry shifts, customer trends, and raw material shortages.  With the information from these reports, your business will be able to adapt to any change in your supplier management.

The core of QMSmart’s service is making the “business application” process effortless.  This is because for business owners, optimizing the technology from software application companies can be frustrating.  The owners see the incredible value in automating so much of their reports and paperwork online, but the software they normally find is too complex and counterintuitive to offer optimal functionality.  It is most likely the only reason that not every company has migrated their business process management online. 

Fortunately for companies weary of technological integration, QMSmart brings this API-powered competitive advantage to even the most basic technology users.  Our business applications advance the entire company software industry forward.  Instead of needing to explain to IT specialists what you want while they code, QMSmart empowers management to create the apps themselves with our “drag-and-drop” technology.  Alongside the help of QMSmart advisors, you’ll drastically reduce your IT expenses while directly creating the applications that will power your business forward.  QMSmart is here to assist your business application process every step of the way.

When damage occurs to assets, immediately begin to collect the information you will need later. Evaluate causes and outcomes, track corrective actions and analyze trends to keep abreast of what happens over time. Keep all relevant records associated with each asset.

Report, track, monitor, and improve all aspects of your environmental consequences, including spills, discharges, and releases as well as damage to the environment. Ensure all obligations and requirements are met, and be rest assured compliance has been achieved.

Transparency is the new green. Gain insight into company-wide performance related to incidents and ensure corrective actions are implemented to avoid recurrence. Use data analysis tools to identify those who do well and those who need encouragement.

Identify and fix root causes to ensure the organization isn’t bound to suffer repeat incidents. Use industry best practices to quickly, and efficiently investigate any type of incident, and ensure the organization responds appropriately. Learn and grow.

Easily identify areas needing the most attention and ensure you get improvement in the right places. Visualize data related to incidents, including leading indicators, to make better decisions about what to change. Then make all the right changes.

Don’t be stuck at your desk. Report, investigate and assess incidents from anywhere using a mobile device. Instantly approve and assign work even while away from your desk. You can also work offline, and sync whenever a connection is available.

Report, track, monitor, and improve all aspects of your occupational health and safety program. Make sure all requirements are met, and that nothing slips through the cracks. You’ll be happier and less stressed out.

Reduce the burden of data entry on the operational roles, and make the EHS team more effective by letting them focus on proactive measures and programs rather than compliance and data collection.

Every governmental body has its own set of environmental regulations that businesses must adhere to.  On top of that, there may be several layers of regulatory bodies to answer to, meaning paperwork can easily be jumbled or crucial filing deadlines missed.  Avoid all these potential violations and fines by implementing QMS environmental management system.

QMSmart’s Environmental Management System will help you accurately measure your business’s impact on the environment as well as the citizenry inhabiting the region.  Our APIs expertly translate information across each department, making sure all environmental rules are clearly followed by your team, with no room for misinterpretation.

You can access all relevant environmental forms through QMSmart; our consultants will research the specific regulations enforced in your locale to make the process effortless.

After initial setup QMSmart will automate all the necessary audit and compliance reports your business needs to avoid legal issues going forward.  Failing a compliance audit is a huge red flag for a company and foreshadows the closure of many.  

In fact, it is far more expensive to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and legal services than it is to make a small investment patterning with QMSmart.  Our consultant team will share the burden of regulatory compliance with you, helping maintain timely and thorough audits that catch serious issues before they cause financial consequences for your company.

QMSmart’s audit and compliance features self-generate and auto-fill portions of paperwork identified by the backing AI software.  Not only will you get a beautifully digitized audit complete with informative visualizations, it won’t impact the regular flow of your work.  Once key industry compliance measures are identified for your specific company, QMSmart’s dashboard will prompt each department to quickly file their portion of the audit report.  Our industry-leading APIs expedite the process, so each department report is instantly centralized into the company’s main server.  That way, the audit report can be finalized and reviewed instantly.

Each company’s application needs are different.  They have different organizations, a wide array of unique services, and layers of regulatory measures specific to their region.  QMSmart and our team of consultants will identify which parts of your business’s workflow can be successfully automated for optimal efficiency.  From there, we’ll advise you as you create your own general applications that cater directly to your company’s needs.

Whether it is the transportation, pharmaceutical, or manufacturing industry, QMSmart has expert advice ready to ensure you get the most out of your general application functions.  Collating data from them is as simple as “drag and drop.”  All relevant reports and analysis automatically populate to enrich your company workflow.  That is the industry-leading innovation of QMSmart – no other application software company has automated the application-building process itself.  

Creating these applications, with the help of our IT consultants, requires no coding experience or knowledge whatsoever.  The learning curve for application-building is only a half hour because of QMSmart’s “drag and drop” technology, effortlessly creating applications designed to organize your company’s success.

Configure Business Solutions

Create new business processes and configure them based on your business requirements and automate processes for improved productivity and agility.


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Compliance cost refers to all the expenses that a firm incurs to adhere to industry regulations

Cost of ownership, Change Management is a key critical challenging factors in todays technology. Speak to our consultants for achieving higher results.