Application Builder

Mobile Forms

QMSmart’s mobile forms cover every element of business process management, including efforts to design, model, execute, monitor, and optimize your company performance. Configures all relevant documents into a specific data field that can easily be automated and digitized.

Workflow Builder

Our Workflow Builder automatically organizes your sequence of QMS tasks, ensuring you achieve optimal results with a clearly defined set of goals.

Form Builder

QMSmart’s Form Builder is fully configurable, generating all reports and paperwork necessary to automate specific tasks (e.g. – hazard/incident reports). Substantially eases the burden of regulatory compliance

Offline Forms

QMSmart makes sure your field team will have access to all company forms and tasks – regardless of internet access. Everything they record will immediately upload to the central server when internet access returns!

Business Intelligence

Collates all relevant company data points for meaningful analysis that empowers, streamlines, and optimizes your business strategy going forward.

Services Of Application builder

Our consultants will be happy to provide required support and assistance for configuring various applications.

An application is consist of various components such as Forms, workflow and logical parts. Using these components you can develop various applications.

Our team will be happy to provide required assistance and support

QMSmart provide licence with Mobile application. Our clients will enjoy mobile feature without any extra effort or cost


Turn Your Ideas into Profitable Business with Our Help

Build Applications
with low-code

By dragging and dropping pre-built elements, such as decision points and actions, onto a canvas, you can create your desired process flow.

Low-Code Platform for Smart Management

Create your business applications or customize the pre-built applications with little to no code in no time

Define Data Points

Build tables to define data points based on your business requirements and easily import your data to the system.

Create Smart Forms

Create forms using various components for different types of data collection and customize it using a simple drag-and-drop feature.

Configure Workflows

Configure a multistage workflow with task and control components and automate the processes just with a workflow publish.

Track Audit Trails

Get records of actions of different users or roles in the business processes and track the progresses easily with the audit trails or workflow track.

Dynamic Components

Maximize the flexibility and scalability of your workflow systems with our dynamic components.

Risk Matrix

Maximize your risk management efforts with our dynamic and comprehensive risk matrix tool

Email Notification

Increase efficiency and save time with our customizable and user-friendly automated email notifications

Scheduled Trigger

Ensure that your workflows are initiated and executed on time, every time with our schedule workflow triggers.

Progressive Workflow

Break down a larger task or goal into smaller, manageable steps that can be completed sequentially. With this method, you can handle complex tasks in an organized and structured manner, making it easier to track progress and identify any potential problems.

Super Charged Technology

Upgrade to Super Charged Technology for workflow builders and experience the power of optimized workflows

API Integration

Ensure every application or software used within a business can seamlessly communicate data to one another for optimal performance.  


QMSmart can integrate any third-party app or software currently utilized by your business, allowing your team more flexibility to adapt as market conditions fluctuate on the micro and macro level.

Hosting Service

QMSmart supports both cloud SaaS (Software as a service), as well as self-hosted options for central company data servers and databases.